SkyPower is Helping to Power the Economic Recovery from COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened all eyes to the necessity to ensure the health and safety of all is of paramount importance. It has become abundantly clear is that no government of any country was prepared to address this horrible pandemic, which has taken so many senseless lives and has caused pain and suffering for too many to count. Our thoughts and prayers go to the families and the individuals that have been affected by this virus that has demonstrated that it has no borders. It preys on the elderly, those with weakened immune systems, and even those in the best of health.

This pandemic has caused significant hardships and loss of life. It has also left many economies around the globe in tatters. With businesses closing, a record number of unemployed and even students with an uncertain future as to what the rest of 2020 and early 2021 will look like in terms of their education. 

At SkyPower, we are not doctors or healthcare workers, but we can do our part to address the pandemic by working with what we know best – solar energy, to address the economic and financial impacts that are well beyond what anyone imagined. 

Never before in SkyPower’s 17-year history has the need for rapidly deployable clean energy been of such importance to so many. With the cost of solar energy falling over the last few years as a result of economies of scale due to its widespread adoption and technologies solar power the most cost-effective form of energy today.

The World Bank, the United Nations, IRENA and many other have recognized the solar energy sector as one of the greatest job creation engines.

In 2019 alone, it is estimated approximately ten million new jobs were created around the world as countries rushed to add solar energy and other renewables to the generation mix.

Despite the challenges being experienced globally by the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic, we at SkyPower Global, remain strong and focused in our unwavering and steadfast commitment to further accelerate our global efforts in developing, financing, and building large utility scale solar energy projects around the world. Renewable energy will not only serve as the quintessential catalyst for the critical economic recovery ahead, but will also serve to help reduce the potential catastrophic impacts of climate change.

I believe the greatest lesson learned thus far from Covid-19, is that as humanity we are truly one. The Covid-19 virus, a pandemic as is defined, transcended all borders and did not discriminate against those it impacted. This serves as a stark reminder that there is nor place, nor any rationale, for discrimination of any kind. We are all created equally, regardless of our race, color, origin, religion, gender, sexual-orientation, personal beliefs and other differences.

The unfortunate and senseless loss of life, and impact of health on so many as a result of this pandemic, coupled with the global realization of the magnitude of society’s failure to recognize, acknowledge, and put in place appropriate measures to eradicate the pervasive and systemic racism that still remains omnipresent in our societies today, leaves so many of us feeling truly angered and saddened. I remain optimistic and confident that great lessons learned from these difficult times will only serve to better prepare us for the challenges ahead as we all learn how to better collaborate together, with mutual regard and respect for one another, unified with a common and shared purpose of ensuring an equitable, safer, healthier, and brighter future for all of humanity.

Kerry Adler

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

SkyPower Global Group and The Adler Family