Our Approach

Being a global citizen means doing things differently.
It means a unique approach to sustainable development.

SkyPower’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs bring measurable and achievable benefits to local communities. When developing utility-scale solar projects, our approach is to build relationships with local community members, leaders and outreach organizations, and facilitate public consultations, to ensure the needs of each community is fully understood and addressed. We invest in local economic development to generate sustainable activity, and we take an environmentally-responsible approach when we design and construct our solar facilities.

Our approach to solar development is what sets us apart.



Local Economic Development

  • Investing in the long-term prosperity of communities is at the core of our business. SkyPower hires and collaborates with local people and organizations whenever possible – from initial project development through to commercial operation and maintenance.
  • Our co-developed projects promote economic opportunities at the local level by providing thousands of direct and indirect jobs and building strong business relationships based on mutual respect.
  • Sustainable economic activity is strengthened by our unique solar education and innovation programs, which includes funding for certification programs, local research and development initiatives and environmental literacy activities for schools.



Collaborating for Social Gains

  • Our projects generate shared social value by creating local jobs, empowering local communities and igniting sustainability-driven innovation. Why? Because we firmly believe this is the right way to do business.
  • We believe in giving back to the communities where we work in. That’s why we launched our dedicated CSR program, called SkyPower Cares. SkyPower Cares gifts portable solar energy solutions to families and schoolchildren who lack reliable access to electricity.
  • We are proud to follow ISO 26000: Social Responsibility. Adhering to these guidelines means we operate in a manner that is socially responsible, ethical, and transparent, and contributes to the health and welfare of society.



Environmental Integrity

  • Our solar energy projects advance climate action by providing renewable low carbon power to communities.
  • When designing and constructing projects, SkyPower takes great care to preserve the features of the natural landscape and minimize environmental impacts. This includes strictly adhering to all local laws and undertaking rigorous environmental assessment processes.
  • There are no toxins or emissions released by solar panels, and solar photovoltaic cells are recyclable. At SkyPower, we will not use panels manufactured with toxic or rare materials, including cadmium telluride.