Commitment to Responsible Leadership

G20SkyPower Global Citizenship Report, 2015-2016

Solar energy has the power to change the world. In this report, read about the work we have done to advance our commitments to the United Nations Global Compact and Caring for Climate initiative, as well as our own innovative corporate social responsibility activities. Read the full report here

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Responsible Corporate Citizenship

Sustainable energy and international development are part of our DNA and investment in the long-term prosperity of communities is at the core of our business.

Our corporate social responsibility programs bring measurable and achievable social value to local communities – from creating awareness among students about future careers in the solar industry, to distributing portable solar lights to students in communities without access to electricity. Through building relationships with regional government officials, educators, agricultural and business association leaders, as well as facilitating public consultations, SkyPower is able to better understand the needs of each community when involving citizens in solar projects.

We design and deliver sustainable programs that provide education, skills training and local development – empowering the most vulnerable members of society. Through the development of solar PV energy, SkyPower helps address climate change and ensure access to sustainable energy for all. Our renewable energy scholarships and donation of solar lights advance education opportunities, ensure healthy lives and help end energy poverty.

Local Collaboration

Building partnerships with local community members, leaders and outreach organizations enables us to ensure the needs of communities are fully understood and addressed.

SkyPower hires and collaborates with local people and organizations whenever possible – from initial project development through to commercial operation and maintenance. Co-developed projects promote entrepreneurship at a local level, provide thousands of direct and indirect jobs and build strong business relationships based on mutual respect.

Environmental Integrity

Environmental conservation and sustainability is not only part of our social responsibility, it’s part of our business. Our renewable energy projects support the reduction of harmful emissions and mitigate the damaging effects of fossil fuels. SkyPower takes great care to preserve the features of the natural landscape and minimize environmental impact when designing a project.

Commitment to Education and Innovation

SkyPower develops utility-scale solar PV projects that promote sustainable economic activity, which include funding for certification programs, local research and development initiatives and environmental literacy in schools. Funds are allocated over 20+ years, as solar projects reach commercial operation.