Quebec gets biggest wind project


December3,2004, Friday

Toronto-based SkyPower Corp. will build a wind power “SuperPark” in the largest wind project  in Canadian history. Hydro-Quebec Distribution and SkyPower have inked an agreement to build the $252 million, 200 MW  wind farm sited in Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec.

SkyPower President and CEO Kerry E. Adler announced the project with Sam Hamad, Quebec natural resources, wildlife, and parks minister. Wind energy is the fastest growing  source of power production  in Canada today, and an important, environmentally sound part of Quebec s energy future, said Adler. We are proud to play a part in the provincial government s vision for increased renewable energy production in Quebec and to work with Hydro­ Quebec to make the province a leader in wind energy production.

The project will add to the 2,000 MW projected by Hydro Quebec Distribution requested by the government, confirming Quebec s position as a North American leader in wind development, said Hamad. The first 1,000 MW was announced last October in Gaspesie (ED, Oct. 6) and another 1,000 MW will be announced shortly. The addition of 200 new megawatts will help confirm the leadership position that our government has adopted. Quebec already has just over 100 MW of operating wind capacity.

The SkyPower team has worked closely with the local community and property owners to ensure that the wind farm could co-exist with local agriculture and the environment, Adler said. Local access roads, ports and rail lines, installation sites that are already cleared and leveled, the proximity to power lines and strong community support helped determine the site.

SkyPower is a privately owned company with projects under development across Canada, seeking to have 5,000 MW of green generation in production by the end of 2009. To achieve this goal, SkyPower states it is developing partnerships with growth-oriented communities and companies, leveraging its managements expertise in building and managing large multinational projects, and drawing on its relationships with leading North American financial instittions. [DMcA]