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Our way of doing business drives change towards a clean future and creates economic growth by serving our communities and the planet. Sustainability is in our corporate DNA; it is at the core of our business strategy and forms the foundation for our activities. We see sustainability as a competitive advantage and essential to business growth and success.
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SkyPower's focused development platform employs a low cost, hub-and-spoke model, evaluating opportunities through local efforts in more than 60 countries while maintaining decision control and execution from its center of operations in Toronto, Ontario. Over the last two decades, SkyPower has emerged as one of the most successful developers worldwide, fostering reliable and long-term partnerships. SkyPower develops, builds, owns, and operates solar power plants of 50MW and above. However large or small your project may be – SkyPower is a reliable and experienced partner for you. Our proven track record and ample pipeline speak for itself. If you are interested in working with us on or have a project that meets these criteria, contact our development team.
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SkyPower's agnostic approach to solar technology, equipment, and EPC contracting gives it full flexibility to maximize project returns based on site-specific conditions and PPA terms. Our investment opportunities are backed by clean energy projects that generate revenues from successfully developing, constructing, financing, and operating utility-scale solar parks. Our individual project's return profile can be maximized around its unique circumstances, including import tariffs, site layout, PPA price structure, land procurement costs and royalties, labor costs, site expansion, future energy storage opportunities, existing supply chain, and jurisdictional expertise. As we grow and expand geographically, we continue to seek opportunities in emerging markets to increase our global presence. We strive to improve shareholder value and provide attractive long-term returns to our shareholders. We believe in partnering with investors that value investing in our planet and the long-term prosperity of communities. We understand that the well-being of people worldwide strongly depends on energy. Our impressive results come from empowering our people. For details on SkyPower's sustainable investment programs, contact us.
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Partner With Us
As we continue to strive to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, government leaders have welcomed SkyPower's development activities and approach with executed memoranda of understanding and intent letters. These provided frameworks for SkyPower to help address significant unmet energy demand in their jurisdictions and to meet their renewable energy and carbon reduction commitments. SkyPower welcomes governments and government-owned utilities worldwide to become key partners in delivering next-generation clean power solutions that can change the lives of millions of citizens you serve. Together, we can support economic development as we support local communities and governments build upon new or replacement power to fuel the local industry with affordable, reliable, and ever cleaner energy. We invite forward-thinking governments and utilities like yours worldwide to seize the moment in bringing clean electricity to communities, giving them the power to grow.
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World Class Suppliers
Procurement is key to actualizing our mission and strategy. Our procurement policies adhere to anti-corruption guidelines and our Supplier's Code of Conduct. Unlike most of its peers, who tend to have partial and full vertical integration, SkyPower maintains flexibility in its EPC, Panel, Tracker, and other vendor relationships. The dynamic delivery platform enables the Company to seize the best opportunities and identify risks to utilize resources best and create value. For future project collaborations, contact us.

At SkyPower, our team is our greatest asset. When working to bring clean energy to the world and help communities thrive, we make sure our people thrive. Embracing diversity is at the core of our values, and this is reflected in our global talent. With our inclusive culture, you will feel valued and challenged while working alongside the industry's leading minds. Our success as a company comes from purpose-driven employee engagement as we stretch across our global network in collaboration. We seek future employees who are passionate about clean energy and have a desire to make a difference. If that is you, take a look at our vacant positions.
We are committed to the highest standard of responsible business conduct around the world – ensuring that all business transactions are conducted in a transparent, proper, fair, impartial, and ethical manner.
Job Creation
We invest heavily in people and our dynamic worldwide projects create significant opportunities for employment, providing local workers with training and hands-on experience.
Economic Development
Our utility-scale solar projects provide economies around the world with the – Power to Grow through substantial Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), job creation and significant contributions to Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Our vision to power a sustainable world is guided by SkyPower’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our purpose-driven responsible business approach is reflected in every aspect of our operations.