Providing the Power to Grow
Bringing Together Extensive Global Expertise and Project Delivery
Hon. Catherine McKenna
Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Government of Canada
Take SkyPower Global, Toronto company that produces solar power in more than 30 countries around the world—and it has new projects that could potentially power tens of millions of homes. Companies like SkyPower understand a truth that the U.S. Secretary of State recently reiterated. In John Kerry’s words: “Clean energy is not only the solution for climate change, it is also the greatest market opportunity the world has ever known."
Experienced Leadership
Cumulatively, SkyPower employees and Board of Directors bring together over 1400 years of experience and success from the world’s finest organizations
Low Carbon Future
Sustainability is at the core of our corporate DNA and as a leader in climate action, SkyPower offsets its carbon impact through clean, renewable solar energy projects that it operates around the world. The energy sector is the world’s leading source of greenhouse-gas emissions; however, advances in green energy, specifically solar development, are now capable of competing with fossil fuels to combat climate change's adverse effects. SkyPower’s sustainability strategy focuses on our business's ecological integrity and commercial activities to meet our sustainable development and climate initiatives. SkyPower’s continued efforts and response to the environment are exemplified through its pioneering leadership and senior management team. The Company upholds the highest commitment to protecting the environment, respecting the natural habitats and resources in project development regions. SkyPower sets long-term environmental performance goals that are communicated at all levels of our global operations, each and every year.
Powering our business using responsible development practices, promoting improved sustainability measures of global partners, and achieving science-based emissions reduction targets, is vital to reducing our impact on the environment. We also engage with local communities to maintain and protect the biodiversity and natural habitats in every project region. SkyPower's focus is to help contribute to the achievement the goal where every human has access to affordable, clean, sustainable energy. With this objective in mind we continue to invest in our people, our planet, and our future.
Benefits of Diversifying The Energy Mix
Energy security is critical to the economic and political stability of countries. It reduces the uncertainty of power costs for manufactures, which is essential for economic growth. Solar energy consistently provides access to power with low inter-annual variation and price certainty. This is one reason developed countries worldwide are adding renewables to their generation power mix and migrating from fossil fuel generating assets to reduce their impact on climate change. However, developing countries have struggled to add transmission and distribution networks to meet their populations’ needs. Renewables play a critical role in delivering truly distributed energy. Forward-thinking developing countries are embracing solar energy to provide energy security to power their economic development.
Political independence
When one country relies on another to supply most of its energy needs, it exposes itself to the supplier's demands. Diversifying energy production through renewables, like solar, enables importing countries to reduce their dependence on a single supplier and bolster energy security.
Economic growth
Energy diversification is the bedrock of economic growth and energy security. Ensuring a diverse energy mix insulates the energy-importing nation from disruptions where non-renewable energy imports are unable to meet the demand for a continuous supply.
Environmental protection
Renewable energies, such as solar, do not contribute to carbon emissions or a global warming climate crisis. Solar energy emits no pollutants and has minimal impact on the environment.
Global Coalitions and Partnerships
SkyPower is an active board member, supporter, advisor, and contributor to global organizations who share our vision for international cooperation to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We engage in building partnerships on the local and international levels to promote community and increase the effectiveness of our sustainability objectives. Shaping the trajectory of the solar industry development is a global effort. SkyPower is a proud member of numerous diverse international partnerships and initiatives. Our global partnerships and initiatives in an attempt to move the world closer to achieving its sustainable development goals. SkyPower’s multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainable development are designed and created to mobilize and share critical knowledge, expertise, technology, and financial resources, to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly focusing on emerging and developing countries.