SkyPower a Top-Tier Sponsor at CanSIA Solar Canada Conference

President and CEO Kerry Adler speaks on leaders panel


SkyPower, in support to Solar Canada 2012 event in Toronto, is the main sponsor of the event. SkyPower’s own President and CEO of SkyPower, Kerry Adler, will be speaking on the industry leaders panel.

Mr. Adler will discuss the state of the solar industry from a national and global perspective. “The solar industry has the sun as its fuel source, making it the most reliable and never ending energy source on earth,” said Mr. Adler. “As technology grows more efficient and as governments continue to commit to new renewables targets, the solar industry has a bright future across the globe.”

This year’s CanSIA Solar Canada event will be attracting more attention than ever before with over 4,500 attendees and 430 exhibitors. In addition, Ontario’s Minister of Energy, Chris Bentley will be attendance.

With Ontario’s Green Energy Act as the focus of interest, Solar Canada will allow solar experts to convene and discuss all aspects related to solar power including manufacturing, engineering, development and operation, and also provide a showcasing opportunity to the investment community.