SkyPower Brings Solar Voice to the Ontario Energy Association

Ontario Energy Association appoints SkyPower to board position


SkyPower, the world’s largest solar energy developer, is proud to announce that Li Koo, Senior Director of International Affairs and Communications, has become a voting board member of the Ontario Energy Association (OEA).

The OEA is Ontario’s energy voice with a mission to connect, advocate, research, and educate on issues related to the energy sector in Ontario. The OEA acts as a bridge between business, government, and other advocacy groups to foster a common understanding of the positions and interests of each.

“At SkyPower we see great value in creating a voice for solar within the Ontario Energy Association,” said Kerry Adler, President and CEO of SkyPower. “It is important that the solar industry has representation in the energy sector. Advocating for a renewable energy source such as solar is a movement toward generating a brighter future for Ontario.”

The diverse membership of the OEA includes representatives from all forms of energy, both renewable and conventional, which gives the association a unique capacity to provide a full spectrum of insight into the issues faced by all facets of the energy industry.