SkyPower Participates in Middle East and North Africa Solar Conference

SkyPower discusses the development of renewable energy and associated benefits


With growing importance of solar in MENA countries, SkyPower, the global leader in solar-energy development, is pleased to attend the Middle East and North Africa Solar Conference and Expo (MENASOL) 2013 in Dubai. This event features over 400 attendees discussing the future of the solar industry in the Middle East and North Africa while addressing the critical challenges that affect the future of sustainable energy, especially in MENA countries.

Cristiano Spilati, SkyPower’s Regional Manager for the Middle East, was invited to discuss King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy’s whitepaper submission on the development of renewable energy. Questions and discussions will range from the feasibility and bankability of projects, to addressing concerns associated with solar and further renewable initiatives with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“SkyPower takes great pride in attending events such as MENASOL in order to help shape policies about solar energy in the Middle East and North Africa,” said Kerry Adler, President and CEO of SkyPower. “Taking advantage of opportunities to advise members of the solar community is just one of the ways that SkyPower gives back to the global solar community and is generating a brighter future.”