SkyPower Presents at Solar Ontario Conference in Niagara

SkyPower discusses the importance of utility-scale solar development in Ontario


SkyPower, the world’s largest developer of solar energy projects, participates in the Canadian Solar Industry Association’s (CanSIA) annual Solar Ontario event in Niagara Falls, Ontario today. The conference brings together 1,200 industry leaders and thinkers to focus on Ontario’s solar industry and the Green Energy Act.

Panelist Li Koo, Senior Director of International Affairs and Communications, will participate in the conference today to discuss policy directions that have been taken within the industry. The panel discussion includes a breakdown of how solar energy generation works and the importance of utility-scale development in Ontario.

“At SkyPower we see immense benefit in advocating for solar at all levels – whether locally, regionally or nationally,” explained Kerry Adler, President and Chief Executive Officer of SkyPower. “Due to the wavering policy directions, investments in solar have decreased in Ontario. The province needs a utility-scale solar energy program which will help create more jobs, develop a skilled workforce and energize the economy.”

Solar Ontario attracts solar industry professionals and solar energy consumers from all levels, including manufacturers, dealers, engineers, architects, builders, service providers, installers, investors and NGOs as well as members from the investment community. The event allows all involved to network and catch up on unfolding developments while seeing the innovative and exciting advancements being made.