SkyPower Sheds Light on the Powering MENA Strategy Summit

Renewable energy possibilities for Middle East and North Africa discussed at conference in Jordan


SkyPower, the global leader in solar-energy development, has been selected to attend the Powering MENA Strategy Summit. Held in Amman, Jordan, this summit focuses on powering the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions with renewable energy and provides a platform for action between the public and private sectors of the energy industry.

Delegates from SkyPower and its joint-venture partner, FAS Energy, are leading interactive discussions on addressing the energy requirements of the MENA region. SkyPower took great pride in attending this invite-only event and is honoured to deliver their expertise in discussions surrounding the energy-mix future of the MENA region.

“The MENA region has some of the best solar radiation numbers around the world and stands to benefit immensely from a utility-scale solar energy program,” said Kerry Adler, President and CEO of SkyPower. “Jordan’s recent interest in installing 1,800 MWs of renewable energy plants indicates a move toward a brighter future with the aid of solar energy.”

As the world’s largest solar developer, SkyPower sees great benefit in demonstrating how solar will help countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, and Morocco meet their energy targets.