SkyPower Becomes Founding Member of MESIA

Middle East Solar Industry Association welcomes SkyPower


SkyPower is proud to be a founding member of Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA), a Middle East association solar industry association. MESIA has over 120 local and international members, encompassing all segments of the value chain, including finance, engineering, professional services, manufacturing and contracting companies.

MESIA aims to create commercial opportunities for members, assist in the development of policies intended to strengthen the regional solar industry and produce reports on the latest technologies, standards and practices.

“SkyPower is proud to be a founding member of the Middle East Solar Industry Association,” says Kerry Adler, President and Chief Executive Officer of SkyPower. “The solar energy sector is in a nascent stage in the Middle East. We are happy to contribute to the development and share our vast experience and knowledge while the industry continues to evolve in the Middle East.”

MESIA serves as a portal for information and data about renewable energy incentives, policies, regional trends and emerging solar technologies. SkyPower looks forward to exploring utility scale solar opportunities in the Middle East and sharing its wealth of experience with MESIA members.