Leading global solar developer SkyPower becomes a Climate Bonds Partner

TORONTO, Feb. 22, 2016 – We are proud to announce that SkyPower, the largest and one of the most successful developers of utility-scale solar energy projects in the world, has agreed to become a Climate Bonds Partner.

The Climate Bonds Initiative is mobilizing the world’s US $100 trillion bond market as a low-cost financing tool for climate change solutions.

With over 25 GW of solar energy projects in various stages of development worldwide, SkyPower is helping lead a rapid transition to a low-carbon and carbon resilient economy.

Kerry Adler, President and CEO of SkyPower said:

“Globally, access to capital is by far the biggest factor impacting the spread of solar energy project developments. This historic partnership will exponentially grow the green debt capital market, thereby driving down the cost of capital for solar energy projects. We are proud to work with the Climate Bonds Initiative, which will give all countries the means to realize their clean energy goals.”

Climate Bonds CEO Sean Kidney said:

“We are excited to add SkyPower to the growing ranks of Climate Bonds Partners, all supporting our mission to mobilize the world’s USD $100 trillion bond market for climate change solutions. As a global leader and active pioneer in building renewable energy markets, SkyPower brings a deep well of knowledge to our partnership programme. SkyPower’s global experience provides a welcome capability that can assist Climate Bonds regional initiatives to boost low emission energy and infrastructure investment.”

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