SkyPower brings solar light to Manyattas in Kenya

NAIROBI, KENYA, August 19, 2016 – SkyPower is proud to announce the launch of the pilot program to gift
home solar systems to Kenyan families in rural households without access to electricity. The first home solar
systems were distributed today in the region of Kajiado West, a rural area south of Nairobi that is home to
many Maasai families. These solar systems were gifted to families living in manyattas (a term used to
describe Maasai homesteads), identified by community elders for the pilot program.

In accordance with SkyPower’s gifting methodology, the intent of the pilot program is to test and refine the
process, systems and logistics using real-time feedback and local input, and to ensure the program meets its
objectives. This pilot program comes in advance of the planned roll-out of the multi-phased SkyPower Home
solar system gifting program to distribute 2 million solar systems the people of Kenya who are at the bottom
of the energy ladder.

“Over 1 billion people around the world live without access to basic electricity, meaning twilight marks the
end of their day and their time in darkness begins. Today we’re taking a step forward to change that,” said
Kerry Adler, President and Chief Executive Officer of SkyPower. “By bringing high-quality, clean solar energy
to people in Kenya who need it the most, we’re proving that we can do well and do good.”

“Being a leader in clean energy is a fundamental part of SkyPower’s DNA. With the inaugural lighting of
manyattas in rural Kenya today, we’re proud to extend home solar energy systems to the people in Kenya
who have a very remote opportunity to be able to access any form of electricity in the near future,”
commented Charles Cohen, Chief Commercial Officer, Commercial Strategy & Development at SkyPower.

The gifting of 2 million home solar systems was announced by SkyPower as part of the landmark agreement
between the Kenyan Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and SkyPower to develop, build, own and operate
2 GW of world-class, utility-scale solar projects across Kenya, which will be built over the next five years. The
announcement came at the 6th annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi.

Each SkyPower Home solar system contains one solar panel, two LED bulbs, a torch, USB charging
capabilities for cell phones and other devices, a solar-powered radio and clear operating and use
instructions. The SkyPower Home solar systems meet the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) Verification of
Conformity (VC) (PVoC) standards that ensures the quality of the product meets health, safety and
environmental standards for Kenyans. As well, the systems have met the stringent standards set by CE
(Conformité Européene). Each of the systems are designed to operate in extreme conditions and are backed
by a comprehensive two-year “hot swap” warranty. These solar systems are manufactured by SkyPower
Home, the exclusive sole global licensee for SkyPower that offers innovative personal portable and small
home solar systems and solutions to bring the highest quality, efficient and clean solar energy to families
living without access to electricity.

“We couldn’t be more proud with the product we have designed and the impact this will make for the people
of Kenya. This first-of-its-kind and pioneering solar system gifting program introduced by SkyPower Global
will be marked in history and we are honoured to be a key part of it,” said Andrew Cohen, Chief Executive
Officer of SkyPower Home.

SkyPower’s “hot swap” program is a fundamental part of this initiative, as it will allow for the immediate
replacement within local communities for any systems that ceases to operate under normal conditions. As
part of SkyPower’s comprehensive and structured home solar system initiative, local volunteers have been
trained on how to operate, troubleshoot and monitor the systems. To provide local technical support as
needed a phone/SMS line is also available to all recipients.

The distribution of the home solar systems is a prime example of an initiative that is helping to achieve the
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal 7: access to affordable, reliable,
sustainable and modern energy for all.

The United Nations Global Compact recognized SkyPower’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Kerry
Adler, as the inaugural Local SDG Pioneer for Climate Action in 2016 for championing sustainability through
SkyPower’s business model and practices, and for integrating support of the SDGs into its global efforts.
SkyPower was also voted by Canadians as the winner of a United Nations Global Compact Network Canada
(UN GCNC) 2016 Canadian Global Compact SDG Award for its work to advance SDGs on climate action
and clean energy.

SkyPower and its global team are truly proud of the home solar systems gifting program, which is another
prime example of SkyPower’s unwavering commitment to generating environmental, economic and social
gains for the world through solar energy.
About SkyPower
SkyPower is the largest and one of the most successful developers and owners of utility-scale solar
energy projects in the world. With roots dating back more than a dozen years, SkyPower’s global team
possesses a vast track record of over 900 years of combined experience in power and
large infrastructure projects.

The experienced and accomplished SkyPower team has built, assembled and acquired an extensive
pipeline of over 25 GW worldwide to be built in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia over the
next five years.

SkyPower’s over 30 utility-scale solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and Contracts in aggregate
represent well in excess of approximately US $80 billion worth of long-term renewable energy sales to
leading utilities and governments around the world.

The SkyPower team over the past decade has proudly established long-term strategic hybrid partnerships
with local communities, governments and in-country developers. As well, SkyPower has consulted for and
advised utilities, international leaders and Heads of State in its unprecedented approach to working in
unison with these environmentally conscious leaders to ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

Through its dedicated team members, composed of employees, consultants and advisors working out of
36 international locations, SkyPower develops, finances, owns and operates solar energy projects from
the initial stages through commercial operation in nearly every region of the world.

SkyPower prides itself on its established relationships with world-leading banks and financial institutions,
as well as with its global and local suppliers, and the indigenous peoples and communities who work
hand in hand with SkyPower with the shared objective of producing hundreds of millions of kWh of clean
electricity each and every year.
About SkyPower Home
SkyPower Home is an exclusive worldwide master licensee of SkyPower, the largest and one of the
most successful developers and owners of utility-scale solar energy projects in the world, for
manufacturing and distributing portable solar systems and solar-powered portable energy solutions for
consumer and commercial use, enabling communities globally with limited access to electricity to harness
the abundant power of the sun.

SkyPower Home is a forward-thinking and leading international energy solutions company that works with
next-generation solar technology. SkyPower Home has vast experience in manufacturing, sales,
distribution and customer service and utilizes its forward-thinking approach to make advancements in
solar technology. SkyPower Home is proud of its use of the highest quality and most efficient, durable
products that meet all requisite international standards.