Solar Energy Providing Power To Grow

Projects Developed by SkyPower generated over 11 billion kWh of clean energy, which is equivalent to powering over 42 million homes.
SkyPower’s Green Giant Public Private Partnership will unlock the power of the Sun and generate substantial economic, environmental, and social benefits.

A 1000 MW SkyPower Green Giant initiative will result in:

– Estimated USD $3.3B impact on GDP – USD $800M Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

– Creation of approximately 32,331 total job years through direct and indirect employment opportunities for the people

– Augment the country’s green economy initiatives through environmental
sustainability initiatives

– Economic benefits that will accrue from large-scale socio-economic and investments in funding critical healthcare initiatives and job creation

– Contribute to achieving the country’s climate commitments and emission
reduction targets.

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