Celebrating America the Beautiful

US National Day in the United Arab Emirates

On the occasion of the US National Day in the UAE, an engaging discussion and dialogue on the important partnerships between the US and the UAE in the realms of security, mutual cooperation and economic growth initiatives.

Kerry Adler, Chief Executive of SkyPower stressed the importance of the growing alliance and partnership to ensure a strong, safe and cleaner future for all humanity.

SkyPower, whose roots are of both Canadian and American, has built over the last 20 years a global presence as well as a reputation as one of worlds largest developers of utility scale solar energy projects.

SkyPower’s mission and strategic focus is in helping bring critical and large solar energy projects to developing countries where power is quintessential in ensuring the health, safety and economic potential of large cities and growing communities.

Working in concert with governments around the world, SkyPower advises Heads of State and Goverment leadership on energy security and climate focused initiatives the implementation of within seamless public private partnership in the framework of and in alignement with the UNECE People First Public Private Partnership Initiative.