SkyPower Global and ZESCO seal 1000 MW solar power purchase agreement

SkyPower Global, a global leader in large-scale solar energy solutions, and Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO), on Thursday announced the signing of a landmark 1000 MW Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This major agreement is a pivotal component of Zambia’s Integrated Renewable Energy Plan, designed to significantly enhance the nation’s renewable energy capacity to support sustainable growth.

Hakainde Hichilema, President of Zambia, said: “The Green Giant Zambia project is a crucial component of our Integrated Renewable Energy Plan, especially in the context of our current drought owing to climate change. This initiative aims to substantially increase our renewable capacity to address both current and future energy needs as Zambia aims to increase industrial productivity and fulfill our aspiration to attain over 3 million metric tonnes of annual Copper production.”

The ceremony featured key insights from Michael Prest, Country Manager and Special Advisor to SkyPower, and Engineer Victor Benjamin Mapani, Managing Director of ZESCO.

Michael Prest commented, “The Green Giant Zambia initiative is a monumental step towards a sustainable future. By leveraging cutting-edge solar technology and our collective expertise, we are set to dramatically transform Zambia’s energy landscape, making it a model for renewable energy development worldwide.”

Mapani said, “This agreement with SkyPower Global is a testament to ZESCO’s commitment to transforming Zambia into a hub for renewable energy in Africa. The Green Giant Zambia project will not only secure energy for millions but also bolster our national grid with sustainable, clean power.”

Kerry Adler, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of SkyPower Global Group of Companies, remarked, “With Green Giant Zambia, we are not just producing renewable energy. Together, we are also cultivating jobs, and sustainable infrastructure that will benefit generations. Green Giant Zambia is a beacon of progress, symbolizing our joint commitment to the environment and fostering economic growth.”

SkyPower’s extensive portfolio, featuring over 10 GW of projects at various stages of development worldwide, and its majority ownership by the CIM Group—a leading real estate and infrastructure investor—illustrate its continued profound commitment to impactful renewable energy projects.

The Green Giant Zambia project is set to supply electricity to approximately 4 million homes and stimulate considerable job creation and infrastructure development, aligning with Zambia’s adherence to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and establishing Zambia as a regional leader in renewable energy.