Brighter days coming as Zesco secures 1000 megawatts with Sky Power Global

WITH the eight hours of load shedding having a pinch at households and business, a ray of hope arises as ZESCO inked a monumental 1000 megawatts solar power purchase agreement (PPA) with Sky Power Global of the United Arab Emirates.

This agreement marks a crucial milestone in Zambia’s Integrated renewable energy plan aimed at bolstering the nation’s capacity to support sustainable growth.

President Hakainde Hichilema underscored the strategic importance of this initiative emphasising its role in mitigating the impact of the current drought and advancing Zambia’s renewable energy agenda.

Speaking through his special assistant for economic, financial, investment, and development Jito Kaumba, President Hichilema hailed the Green Giant Zambia project as a vital component of the country’s renewable energy strategy.

“This agreement has potential to significantly expand renewable capacity, thereby, meeting both current and future energy demands,” noted President Hichilema.

Zesco Managing Director Victor Mapani echoed the President’s sentiments affirming the company’s unwavering commitment to propelling Zambia into a renewable energy hub.

Mapani emphasised that the partnership with Sky Power Global exemplifies Zesco’s dedication to sustainable transformation.

Mapani highlighted the positive socio-economic impact of the initiative, noting that the Green Giant Zambia project is poised to electrify approximately 4 million homes and generate substantial employment opportunities, particularly for the youth.

“The green giant Zambia project is set to supply electricity to about 4 million homes and stimulate considerable job creation and infrastructure development,” he stated.

This collaboration not only signifies a leap forward in Zambia’s renewable energy landscape but also heralds a brighter, greener future for the nation.