ZESCO signs solar power deal with SkyPower

ZESCO has signed a 1000-megawatt Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with United Arab Emirates-owned SkyPower Global. This deal marks a milestone for Zambia’s renewable energy plan, aimed at supporting the country’s capacity for sustainable growth.

The initiative, known as the Green Giant Zambia Project, plays a critical role within the country’s integrated renewable energy plan, particularly in light of the current drought. President Hichilema stated that this initiative will increase energy capacity substantially, marking a step towards achieving energy security.

The project will also support the country’s economic goals, including the aim to achieve over three million metric tonnes of annual copper production by 2031.

During the signing ceremony, Michael Prest, Special Advisor and Country Manager at SkyPower, described the Green Giant Zambia initiative as a step towards a sustainable future.

Kerry Adler, Founder and CEO of SkyPower, said that the project will create jobs as well as sustainable infrastructure that will benefit future generations.

Victor Mapani, Managing Director of ZESCO, stated that the agreement with SkyPower Global demonstrates the company’s commitment to transforming Zambia into a renewable energy hub.

In a statement made yesterday, President Hichilema announced, “Today we have made great strides towards making our ‘Integrated Renewable Energy Plan’ a reality, through the signing of a 1000MW Power Purchase Agreement between ZESCO and SkyPower Global. This agreement will go on to provide electricity for approximately 4 million homes and create new jobs and infrastructure development for our citizens.”