Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer SkyPower Global Group of Companies
Kerry Adler
Kerry, a visionary leader, serves as SkyPower’s global President and Chief Executive Officer. He has architected and helped to propel SkyPower since its founding in 2003 into one of the largest and most innovative renewable companies. Focused solely on the development of large-scale solar energy generation projects, SkyPower has a presence in over 35 countries and four continents around the world. Kerry’s instincts also foresaw the outsourcing revolution to developing countries and founded WebHelp Worldwide in 1999, which today employs over 60,000 employees in 49 countries globally, with revenues exceeding $1.3B EU.

Solar energy presents the greatest hope for humanity as its proven to be the most abundant and cost-effective form of renewable energy available to almost every human being on earth. I remain unwavering in my belief that solar energy is the single greatest opportunity to address access to basic electricity, poverty and climate change, which are critical to ensuring the continuity of the human race.
As an accomplished global entrepreneur with innovative and unique operational approaches, Kerry leads with an enviable track record of flawless execution. His experience stems from over 35 years of expertise that spans many industries and sectors from Renewable Energy, artificial intelligence, advanced logistics, software design, BPO-CRM, as well as design of advanced systems and processes. Kerry is also a world-renowned speaker and advocate for Climate Change and Climate Action. He is a trusted advisor to numerous Heads of State and other sustainable leaders on renewable energy through Public Private Partnerships, delivering energy security through critical Foreign Direct Investments that helps to stimulate economies and is a catalyst for job creation. Kerry’s focus on Global Climate Action, and his pioneering approach of leading others towards plausible climate risk mitigation strategies has earned him the respect and admiration of his peers, and the many thousands that attend his riveting keynotes speeches and addresses around the world each year. Audiences globally are deeply inspired by Kerry’s passion, extensive knowledge, and track record, coupled with his candor, honesty, and transparency as he provides clear and concise insight into the true state of our planet and the forthcoming impacts of climate action, which serves as an inspiration for so many to do more.
Kerry, over the past decade has taken a very active role in advancing the climate change agenda and has won numerous awards including the United Nations Global Entrepreneur of The Year, UN Global Compact Inaugural Pioneer For Climate Action, UN SDG Champion (SkyPower Global), 2019 CEO of The Year, Who Believes in The Spirit of Giving, and the Global Family Office Most Sustainable CEO of 2019 under the patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco. Kerry also serves as a Board Member or strategic advisor to numerous organizations including, UAE Business Council, Canada GCC Advisory Council, Canada Africa Business Council, Canada Arab Business Council, World Economic Forum, International Economic Forum of The Americas, founding member of United Nations CFO Taskforce, ConvrtX, Can Water, WiConnect and Eccopia.
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